The User Interface Design and Its Types: A Complete Guide
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The User Interface Design and its Types: A Complete Guide

Being an avid internet user in the era of technology, you must have come across many websites that capture your attention. To give websites a catchy look, User Experience (UX) Design and User Interface Design (UI design) play a pivotal role.

What is User Interface (UI) Design?

Firstly, to understand User Interface design, we need to know what exactly the User Interface (UI) is. Anytime you interact with technologies like laptops, mobiles, and computers, keep in mind it is part of the User Interface. Moreover, it also includes screens, sounds, and all kinds of digital styles.


It is the User Interface Design that influences the interaction of people with software. A User Interface designer needs to create a software product that not only entices people but also keeps them engrossed and makes them visit the website or app over and over again.


Thus, whenever you run into websites’ graphic animations, beautiful design, and a perfect theme, just remember you are encountering User Interface design.

Types of User Interface Design

The three main types of UI Design are:

  1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  2. Voice User Interface (VUI)
  3. Menu-Driven Interface 

Graphical UI

It is the most common type of UI design that we encounter while using mobile devices and computers. App icons, buttons, the mouse cursor, scrollbars, etc. are examples of GUI. 

To elaborate further, you tap on your mobile’s gallery app to see your pictures. The process includes a change in the icon’s color or size and a subtle sound effect. All of these fall under the category of graphic user interface.

Voice UI

Amazon’s Alexa and the iPhone’s Siri are ideal examples of Voice-controlled or Voice-user Interfaces. So, it is a technology that allows you to interact with your mobile phones and computers through speech. It is useful when you urgently need to give a command to your phone or laptop instead of typing.

However, voice UI is not restricted to making your home life easier. It is also used in business work, for instance, in booking interviews and meeting appointments. Besides, healthcare departments and educational departments also make use of this advanced voice-user interface technology.

Menu Driven Interface

You will find Menu-Driven Interface almost everywhere like mobiles, ATMs, restaurants, and smartphones. So, the Menu-Driven Interface allows you to interact with the digital screen by clicking or tapping a specific option in the given menu. 

Relationship Between User Interface Design and Web Design

User Interface Design and User Experience Design are the two essential elements needed to create a web design. Without the combination of these two, a web design is incomplete. Hence, web design is an umbrella term for UI and UX.

Consequently, a web designer is thoroughly familiar with UI and UX because these are the specialties of web designing. The web designer’s job is to put everything together—UI and UX included—and transform it into a highly performing and productive website that users can effortlessly interact with on desktops or cellphones.


To conclude, web designers work closely with the right tools and technology to create an appealing website and gain more online visitors. UI and UX are the crux of web design. If you want to hire a well-versed web designer, look for how they handle typography, readability, and page layout. If you need to create a phenomenal e-commerce website design, approach us because we promise you our finest services to bloom your business and reach new heights.

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