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Privacy Policy for Search Marketing Services

Your privacy is our priority

Thank you for landing on the privacy policy page of Search Marketing Services. We feel proud to announce that we take your privacy solemnly and are transparent about what information we gather when you visit our page. We incorporate a privacy policy that aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to avoid legal snags.  

Have a look at our table of contents for more clarity regarding your privacy concerns and our policy statements.

Table of Contents

·         Terms and conditions

·         Cookie policy

·         Copyrights and Trademarks

·         Contact us

Terms and Conditions

As a custom software development and digital marketing services agency, we are rather strict with our terms and conditions. The use of this website is contingent upon your agreement to our terms; if you do not agree to the conditions of usage, do not access or use this website.

Search Marketing Services is completely independent of altering, revising, editing, and updating the statement of terms and conditions. However, any change regarding privacy policy will be updated here. Thereby, we request you to keep reviewing it sporadically. Being a subscriber of Search Marketing Services you will receive a notice via email concerning any change in our policy. 

Cookie Policy

Our website uses a cookie policy to provide its users with a seamless experience with our site. A cookie is a miniscule text file that websites itself send to your browser when you visit a certain website. Cookies help us remember you and your past searches so that we can give you a personalized experience.

However, our site does not use cookies except when it receives your consent. You can choose to accept or reject the little bar that appears to request your consent to cookies.

The information that we gather through cookies is not personal at all; nevertheless, it encompasses information like:

  • Particularly, the date and time you visited the site
  • The time length you stayed on our page
  • The originating IP address
  • Language preferences

Types of Cookies That Search Marketing Services Utilize 

Session Cookies

Temporary cookies or session cookies obtain information about only the time users stay on our website. A session cookie never stores your information, nor does it collect any personal data. Once you are done surfing the site, the session cookie deletes all the information. Therefore, they are also known as transient cookies.

Session cookies fall under GDPR compliance. Hence, we do not need visitors’ consent.

Permanent Cookies

A Permanent cookie or persistent cookie is a file that remains stored in a user’s hard drive until the user deletes it.  Search Marketing Services makes use of permanent cookies to assist us in discerning new and returning visitors.

It is used to retain data such as login details.  

If you are anxious regarding cookies, through your internet browser you can automatically or manually block cookies.

Copyrights and Trademarks

It is imperative to understand that copyright refers to the ownership of any original work, and strict laws concerning copyright are implemented in the USA. Therefore, claiming or showing any of our work as your own is strictly prohibited.

Any logo, image, content, or other creative work designed by Search Marketing Services for their customers will remain the copyright of Search Marketing Services. You must mention our site as the source if you use any of our logos, images, or content.

Furthermore, seeking our permission is mandatory if you are interested in using our creative work. We take our copyright seriously, and we will take legal action against any infringement.

Contact Us

We are available round the clock; for further information, concern, or query, you may contact us at 

Notice: We do not tolerate any breach of terms.